Some Thoughts on the 1903 World Series

By this time nobody who saw the first World Series is around to tell us about it. But it’s important to look at it for a moment. It’s important as the first, but it’s more important because it gave legitimacy to the American League. Boston’s victory over Pittsburgh meant that the National League could no longer argue that the new league didn’t play “Major League” baseball. The new American League was shown to be the “Junior Circuit” in longevity only.

It’s appropriate that Cy Young threw the first pitch in World Series history, getting Ginger Beaumont to fly out to Center Fielder Chick Stahl.  It’s also appropriate that Honus Wagner had the first RBI (Tommy Leach scoring the first run).  The first home run came in the 7th inning when Jimmy Sebring, the Pirates Right Fielder hit an inside the park special.

The winning pitcher was Deacon Phillippe. By now Phillippe is mostly obscure, but the man won 189 games and picked up  a ring  in 1909 (did they give out rings in 1909?)  But the big series star was Bill Dinneen, who picked up 3 wins for Boston (Phillippe also had 3 wins in a losing cause). Dinneen’s career totals 170 wins and 177 loses, but this series belonged to him. BTW after his playing days, Dinneen went on to serve a number of years as a well respected umpire.

So it’s a series to remember, unfortunately, no body does.

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  1. sportsphd Says:

    I find it astonishing that not only did Phillippe win 3 games, he also lost 2. He started all 5 games in a span of 13 days. Truly a different world.

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