Upcoming Hall of Fame voting

In a couple of weeks the veteran’s committee will set down to vote on the latest Hall of Fame list. On that list will be a number of managers, umpires, and contributers who a panel of experts has deemed worthy of consideration. One of those names is Marvin Miller’s.

For years Miller was head of the player’s union. There seems to be a belief that he is a jerk. Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t. I don’t know the man. What I do know is that he is the most significant non-player in recent baseball history. His leadership of the player’s union led to a number of changes in baseball, some good, some not so good. You hated the strikes, blame Miller (and a lot of other people too). You think salaries are inflated, blame Miller (and a lot of other people too). You like free agency and giving ball players a little freedom to move around and maybe make a team a little more competative, praise Miller.

You see that’s the problem with Miller. He’s done things that make the fans furious, but he’s also made it possible for teams to pick up quality players they might not otherwise get. Yes, he’s had a lot of help in both those things, from owners who are Neanderthals and owners who are enlightened, players who think of themselves and players who think of the good of the game. Does he belong in the Hall of Fame? I certainly think so. Is he going to be elected? Don’t bet the farm on it.


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  1. steve Says:

    I agree 110 percent. Miller should be in the hall of fame. The potential to expand the Hall into even more of a reflection of American history-labor history is in the biography of Marvin Miller.

    It seems like he walked into those hotel lobbies filled with players not really sure he wanted to be there, but he dropped the cards down anyway-just doing his job. He explained to players their worker rights and the crap owners had been telling them for years.

    If I had to choose, I’d rather the players have millions of dollars and not the owners especially when I hear what Kershaw and Ortiz do with that money.

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