New Hall of Fame Members

So the Veteran’s Committee just fnished its job, did it? As usual they bungled badly.

Doug Harvey, umpire–No problems with him in the Hall. I remember when the Game of the Week had a special segment where Harvey explained rules and how umpires did things. He’s the first place I heard that umps listen for the ball hitting the mitt while watching the feet to determine a close play at first. Everyone seemed to think he was a superior umpire, so good for him.

Whitey Herzog, manager–Won once (1982) and took a bunch of teams to the playoffs and World Series. When confronted with a World Series record of 1-2 he commented he’d rather be 1-2 than 0-0. I always liked that.

So no problem with who got in. The problem is who didn’t. Where’s Tom Kelly who won more World Series than Herzog? In point of fact, Kelly’s Twins actually beat Herzog’s Cardinals in 1987 for one of Kelly’s wins and one of Herzog’s losses. As usual no respect for Kelly.

Where’s Danny Murtaugh who also won 2 World Series? His managership coincided with the rise of the Pirates in both 1960 and the early 1970s. In between he was in retirement and the Pirates were awful.

Where’s Ewing Kauffmann who made the Royals relevant, and incidently gave Herzog his big break?

Finally, why not Marvin Miller?

Well, vet’s committee, let’s hear it.


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2 Responses to “New Hall of Fame Members”

  1. brettkiser Says:

    I agree that Murtatugh should have made it in. Tom Kelly never has gotten the respect he deserves but like Frank Chance with the early Cubs, he inherited a young team on the rise. Puckett, Hrbek, Gaetti and Gagne were all there before Kelly was named manager–right place at right time? As a KC native Mr. K has meant a lot to me and I’d love to see him get elected. Charlie Grimm, the old skipper for the Cubs and a helluva first baseman during his playing days, would get my vote too.

    You have an interesting blog and I’ll look at it as time dictates. You seem to be quite knowledgable, so tell me what you think of war era players like Cecil Travis and Dom DiMaggio. Would you vote for them since they each lost three prime years to the war effort? I think they’re two of the best not yet enshrined.

    • verdun2 Says:

      Glad you like the blog. The question about DiMaggio and Travis is interesting. Let me think about it. Sounds like a good idea for a blog.

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