The Best Possible World Series

How do you find the best possible World Series? I asked myself that a day of so ago (obvious evidence of too much idle time on my part). I came up with an answer.

I decided I’d like to see the very best of each game that was ever played. I’d like to see the best game 1, the best game 2, the best game 3, etc, without worrying about which World Series they were in. So I set out to research the various World Series gams and find out which is the best game 1, the best game 2, etc. I have a preliminary list and will spend the next 8 posts (yes there have been game 8’s) commenting on the best, in my humble opinion, of each game. Interestingly enough, my initial run through shows 2 games from one Series and only one from any other Series.

If you have a nomination, don’t hesitate to comment. I’ll certainly take it under consideration.


One Response to “The Best Possible World Series”

  1. sportsphd Says:

    Game 1 in 1968 is certainly memorable, with Gibson’s 17 strikeouts, but the Cards basically dominate and win 4-0. If you like offense, the Red Sox 11-9 win in Game 1 of 2004 was fun. And then there is always Kirk Gibson.

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