Best Possible World Series: Conclusions

Now that I’ve posted my take on the best ever World Series games by game 1, game 2, etc, it’s a good idea to look at them as a group and draw some inferences.

1. The Dodgers win 2 of them (games 1 and 4), the Twins also win 2 of them (games 6 and 7), the Cardinals (game 2), the A’s (game 4), the Yankees (game 5), and the Giants (game 8 ) all win one. So there is no team that has a monopoly on good games.

2. Most of the games are very low scoring. That means I like tight games that are well pitched, not slugfests that tend to be very sloppy. Also a lot of them go into extra innings.

3. The games go across eras. There’s one in the 1910’s (3), 1 in the 1920s (8), 2 in the 1940s (2 and 4), 1 in the 1950s (5), one in the 1980s (1), and 2 in the 1990s (6 and 7). So no era can claim a distinction as the best era for World Series play.

4. Only one World Series, 1991, is represented twice. I guess that means I think it’s the best World Series I ever saw.

Hope you enjoyed the set of posts.


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