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There are a lot of really first rate baseball blogs on line, along with some that are incredibly wretched. Three of the best are here at wordpress. I’d like to recommend them to you. Below is a brief look at each, in alphabetical order:—–This has a couple of pages of issues and comments, but the meat of the site is a series of baseball biographies of players and managers. Most of them are short enough to grasp at a single reading, but give you enough information to understand the player. There are two really fine points about these biographies. First, the cover a great swath of baseball history and aren’t all clustered around modern players. Second, they run the gamut of players from well known to fairly obscure. This way you’re not stuck getting a simple rehash of things you probably already knew. Check this site out, it’s worth it.—–also covers a lot of topics on baseball. There are discussions of issues and a fair amount of fantasy information. I’m not a fantasy player, but I’ve found the posts on fantasy baseball are informative and give me insight into current players in a way different from a dry review of the stats or a tired expose on some new stat that the author just invented. So even non-fantasy players can profit from the posts. Again, check this one out.—–more eclectic than the other two in that the blog covers more of sports than merely baseball. The guy also gets with football, basketball, hockey (what, no swimsuit issue comments?) and gets with each well. There’s a monthly stat feature and a book review. He’s currently running a series called “These Men Changed Baseball” that takes a look at the men who originally integrated baseball from Jackie Robinson to Pumpsie Green. Interesting and fresh as it does not concentrate strictly on the superstars. Make sure you check this blog out soon.

Enjoy ’em all.


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  1. William Miller Says:

    Thanks for the shout-out regarding my baseball blog. I am actually done writing about Fantasy Baseball for a while. My next several posts will cover topics such as Bud Selig’s Statue, the Competitive Balance in Baseball, and Under the Radar: Part 3 (under-appreciated contemporary ball-players) as well as other current topics in baseball. Yours is the first blog I mention when recommending baseball blogs to others. Regards, Bill

  2. pioneersinsport Says:

    Thanks for mentioning these blogs, they seem to be good reading and also will give me an idea on how to structure my blog.

  3. sportsphd Says:

    Thanks for the shoutout and kindly neglecting to mention my sporadic posting schedule.

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