Second Shout Out

Yesterday The SportsPhd gave a shout out to a number of  his favorite baseball blogs. That reminded me I hadn’t done that for a while. So here are some new ones to check out.

DMB Historic World Series Reply specializes in what it’s title says. It does replays of the World Series. It’s good at looking at those series’ that never actually took place. For instance there’s an ongoing 1902 World Series between the Pirates and A’s. He also does season recaps from the early years, supplying pictures of league leaders and short comments about the season. There’s also an interesting collection of cards showing both what the figures of the day looked like, and giving you good examples of old time cards.

Sport Shorts from a Short Sport deals with more than baseball. His latest post was on the Olympic hockey game between the US and Canada. His baseball stuff is interesting, but not the totality of his site. One word though, he hasn’t added anything since February 2010, so he may have stopped posting.

Both are worth a look and can be gotten to by scrolling down the blogroll on this site and clicking. Enjoy.

2 Responses to “Second Shout Out”

  1. Kevin Graham Says:

    Thank you for the plug. It’s greatly appreciated.


  2. verdun2 Says:

    No problem. I enjoy your site.

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