Good Bye, Junior

So Ken Griffey, Jr. is now retired. That’s one of those pieces of information I’m not sure how to take. On the one hand I’m sorry to hear it because he was such a wonderful player. On the other, it was time to go. By this season he was a shell of the great player we used to see.

I’ve been trying to decide where he fits into baseball history. He is, afterall, an historical figure. As a player he’s certainly a top 25 player, maybe higher. As a center fielder he’s well into the top 10 (he gets the six slot for me).  As a player from Donora, Pennsylvania he’s second (Stan Musial is first).

I will miss him, his personality, his joy, his swing, his racing across the field to catch a ball. They all have to go, but sometimes it’s a great shame. This is one of those.

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  1. William Miller Says:

    HI, I completely agree with your astute assessment of where Griffey ranks among the all-time greats. It’s just a shame that the end of his career was so anti-climactic. It kind of reminds me of how Willie Mays held on a little too long in his last days as a Met. But Griff is a first-ballot Hall of Famer, to be sure. Regards, Bill

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