A Brand New Record

I can’t believe I’m doing two posts in a month that involve Jamie Moyer, but I am. Last night he set one of those records that you look at and try to figure is this good or bad. In case you don’t know, he’s now given up more home runs than any other big league pitcher. That sounds bad, but think about how good you have to be to stay around long enough to give up a record number of home runs. It’s the kind of record that sums up the  contradictions of Moyer’s career.

He has 266 wins (a .570 winning percentage). That’s tied for 34th ever. Let me try that again, 34th ever. I didn’t realize that until I looked it up. Bet you didn’t either. Of the several gazillion men who have pitched in the Major Leagues, only 33 have more wins than him. He has eight wins in half a season. Double it and he’s 31st ever, and 10 from the top 30. I know a lot of stat geeks say wins are overrated, but you know what, that’s not absolutely true. You know who doesn’t consider them overrated? The Hall of Fame voters. The last starting pitcher elected by the writers to the Hall without 300 wins was Ferguson Jenkins. That was in 1991, twenty years ago. Since then there have been five starting pitchers elected (and one other in 1991 itself) to the HoF. All have 300 wins. So someone still thinks wins matter. Now that doesn’t mean I believe Moyer’s a Hall of Famer. I merely point out that wins still matter to some people who have a great deal of influence.

So let us celebrate Moyer’s record. It’s kind of dubious, but heck, I don’t hold any records. Now if we can just get Tim Wakefield to pitch until he’s 65.

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3 Responses to “A Brand New Record”

  1. William Miller Says:

    Personally, I’m just happy that there is still someone playing major league baseball who is NOT younger than me. Cheers, Bill

  2. verdun2 Says:

    Point well taken.

  3. Kevin Graham Says:

    Julio Franco retired in 2007, leaving me older than every player in the league. A sad day for me.


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