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The Wagner Card

By now you’ve heard about the latest sale of the T206 Honus Wagner baseball card. According to what I’ve been able to find the brother of one of the nuns of the School Sisters of Notre Dame order left his card to his sister’s (biological not religious) order. They just sold the thing to a card store owner, whose clientele, I’ll wager, increases (Wouldn’t you like to see a real one?). The Sisters (the order, not the biological ones) net take was $220,000. They say they’ll take the money and distribute it to the various good works they sponsor.

I presume most people who care about baseball know the story of the card. According to the accepted version, Wagner, who didn’t approve of smoking, was horrified when a company put his face on a tobacco card for insertion into a pack of cigarettes. He asked them to stop. They did, but a handful of the cards had already gotten out to the public. Approximately 60 known copies, including the one the Sisters just sold, survive and they’re worth a bunch of money.

It would be different today. Today’s Wagner (Which brings up a question. Is there anyone out there today as good as Wagner?) would have asked for a gazillion dollars for the rights to use his mug. If the company didn’t pony up, then he’d demand they not use his face on the card. I’m kind of glad that the real Wagner didn’t do it that way.

Now, Sisters, do me a favor, please. I don’t know what your building or your grounds look like, but how’s about naming something after the brother and something else after Honus Wagner? Seems to be the brother deserves it and Wagner seems like the kind of guy who would approve of your charitable works. And wouldn’t it be great if the Pirates had the sister (biological not religious) of the donor throw out the first pitch at a game? These are the Pirates, so don’t hold your breath.

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