An Anniversary

Happy Anniversary

One year ago today I opened this blog with a short and tentative post about the 1903 World Series. Now it’s a year later and I’m still doing this. More amazingly, people are still reading it You don’t suppose there’s a way to get paid for this, do you?

I started this with a wish to share my love of a great and glorious game with others. With more than 260 posts filed I’m still typing away. Over 5300 times someone has come here and read what I wrote. Some of them have even returned for a second of third time. For that I’m eternally grateful, although I have to admit I do worry about the sanity of some of the people who’ve chosen to read me with some frequency. Have you thought about a therapist (maybe the Geico drill sergeant)? I appreciate every hit and more than the hits, I appreciate the comments, of which there are over 300 by now. I find them generally interesting and informative and am surprised at how much I learn from them. I have a feeling I’ve learned more wisdom than I’ve imparted. For that I am also eternally grateful.

My family will tell you I like to say “If I learned something today, I’ve had a successful day.” The research and study necessary for these posts have given me many successful days. So too have the comments I’ve received on them. Equally important are the contacts I’ve made. It’s amazing how much I’ve learned from the links to other bloggers who have widened my horizons on the sport of baseball. I owe you a debt I can’t repay. There are only two things I can do: 1. continue my own posts (and how much debt they pay is highly subjective and speculative) and 2. keep on knowing that when we disagree, I’m right and you aren’t.

Let me end by saying it’s been fun learning about and writing about the saints, sinners, role models, rogues, charlatans, charmers, weasels, and winners who have graced the sport for the last roughly one hundred and fifty years. I want to stress how much we owe them all for making the game memorable. Not just the players, but the owners, the managers, the club house people, the grounds crew, and the peanut sellers all mean so much to the game and our enjoyment of it. May they all, in the great old Yiddish blessing, “live to see a thousand reasons to rejoice.”



7 Responses to “An Anniversary”

  1. William Miller Says:

    Happy Anniversary, V!
    I didn’t realize you began your blog just eleven days before I started mine (Nov. 30.) I thought you’d been at this a while longer.
    I count myself as one of your most loyal subscribers because I always learn something new, and I like your writing style.
    May you have many more baseball blogging years ahead of you!
    As always, Bill

  2. Joe Magennis Says:

    Congrats to both of you then!

    I dont know if the stats actually reflect the fact that I read these posts in an RSS feed .. If that’s not the way web stats work, then add a lot more to the 5300 number!

    The best part of this graduate level baseball education I am getting is the ability to enjoy the current day game even more. It puts everything in proper context.


    PS .. That Geico commercial cracks me up every single time I see it.

  3. sportsphd Says:

    Congratulations on doing this for a year. My one year anniversary came and went in September, but my production has trailed off dramatically. Good job keeping this up so well for so long.

  4. Kevin G. Says:

    Count me as a dedicated reader. Happy 1 year anniversary.

    Kevin G

  5. The Baseball Idiot Says:

    Congratulations. As someone who tried to blog myself, even somewhat semi-successfully, I know how hard it is. The fact that you are here a year on proves you are providing a product that people want.

    Keep up the good work. You’re combining my two favorite things. Baseball and history. Doesn’t get any better unless you provide dancing girls.

  6. vterranova Says:

    Grounds crews? Ok. Then find the guy responsible for the Pirates world series victory and do an article on him.
    And happy anniversary. Wish I’d have stumbled across you earlier. Many, many more.

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