The Most Boring Trade of the 20th Century

Bill VirdonMy local paper and a number of internet sites have printed info on the most boring day of the 20th Century. Some British researcher went through a mountain of info and determined that the most boring day of the 20th Century was Sunday 11 April 1954 (remember you heard it here first). Well, I was alive then but don’t remember much about it, so I’ll take his word for it.

So what does that have to do with baseball you ask. Well, glad you asked. I went immediately to Retrosheet and looked up the date. Something happened that day in baseball. On 11 April 1954 the St. Louis Cardinals sent outfielder Enos Slaughter to the New York Yankees for three players, the most notable being Bill Virdon. Slaughter went on to the Hall of Fame and Virdon ended up in center field for the World Series champion 1960 Pittsburgh Pirates. He later had a successful, but non-pennant winning, managerial career. So in keeping with the British researcher’s findings, this must have been the most boring trade of the 20th Century. For your information opening day in 1954 was 13 April.

It’s also proof that basketball is more boring than baseball (but you already knew that, right?). On 11 April 1954 the Syracuse Nationals (now the Philadelphia 76ers) defeated the Minneapolis Lakers (now in Los Angeles) in game six of the NBA finals to force a game seven the next night (the Lakers won it). So a day featuring the NBA playoff finals is the most boring day of the 20th Century? Guess that proves baseball is less boring.

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4 Responses to “The Most Boring Trade of the 20th Century”

  1. William Miller Says:

    The last thing Bill Virdon looks like is a major league outfielder. Basketball is a fine game, but the NBA is boring as hell. Nice job, Bill

  2. Kevin G. Says:

    I read the article that stated April 11th 1954 was the most boring day of the century, and I never thought to tie it in with baseball. This type post is what makes your blog a must read for me.


  3. keithosaunders Says:

    I have to respectfully disagree with my esteemed fellow-blogger, William. Basketball is not boring. Besides, it’s the only thing saving us from watching tractor pulls from February through April.

    BUT…Basketball was boring back in 1954 with no clock and the two handed set shot, so it fits in perfectly with the most boring day ever.

  4. verdun2 Says:

    And what’s wrong with tractor pulls? Next you’ll be telling us you don’t like monster truck rallies. Do you have no shame? Egad!! 🙂

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