RIP the Silver Fox

Normally I take Sunday’s off, but I just saw on the msnbc website, that one of the all-time heroes from my youth died. Duke Snider was 84 and the last of the Hall of Fame “Boys of Summer”. RIP, Duke. Here’s a nice shot from the ‘net.

The Duke of Flatbush



2 Responses to “RIP the Silver Fox”

  1. Vinnie Says:

    Another piece of my youth is gone. Thanks for the memories and rest in peace.

  2. keithosaunders Says:

    This made me very sad to read. Snider was my Dad’s favorite player — he grew up in Brooklyn and was a rabid Dodger fan.

    Somewhere along the way somebody gave my a Duke Snider baseball card which I keep on the stand of my piano. Everyday I stare at that card while I practice. Today’s practicing will be bittersweet.

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