An Updated Shout Out

I was just clicking through the sites on my blog roll when I realized there had been some major changes to a couple. Thought I ought to update the masses (all four of you) who read this blog about the changes. So here goes, in no particular order.

Bill Miller’s “The On Deck Circle” has moved from wordpress to baseballbuzz. He’s currently updating his fantasy stuff and completing a “best of the worst” series that is pretty good.

Kevin’s DMB site in now the “baseball revisited” site you see on the blogroll. He’s currently featuring the stuff on his desk (quite a unique collection) and the 1910 World Series replay. Hint: bet on the A’s.

Keitho’s site is spending a lot of time with non-baseball stuff and is thus a bit of a refreshing change from what we normally do around here.

SportsPhd is temporarily moribund. He tells me that he’s about to finish up his dissertation and will become Dr. SportsPhd shortly. When that happens he expects to be back in action more frequently, so don’t give up on him just yet. BTW he won’t promise to do housecalls.

Also the baseball idiot has a new site that is currently trying to evaluate the 2011 teams before the season starts. Good stuff there. Check him out. I finally remembered how to put him on the blogroll (sorry it took so long, B. I., but the fingers and mind don’t work as well as they used to).

Me? I’m currently floundering a  bit. I have no new series of stuff I want to write about, so expect an eclectic set of things over the next while.

So everybody take time and head over to the blogroll and click there. Lots of good stuff to see.


5 Responses to “An Updated Shout Out”

  1. William Miller Says:

    Thanks for the shout-out, and for updating the link to my new blog-site. I appreciate it, Bill

  2. The Baseball Idiot Says:

    I also appreciate the shout-out and the link. Many thanks.

  3. Kevin Graham Says:

    Thanks for the plug V…….eclectic blog posts coming up???? Should be interesting…..not as interesting as pez…..but still interesting.

    • verdun2 Says:

      Hey, what the heck. We can’t all be Pez. BTW loved the post on the cigarette package. I got an old Lucky Strike box around somewhere.

  4. keitho Says:

    Thank you for the kind words, Verdun!

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