Doing it with style

All congratulations to Derek Jeter on 3000 hits. As usual for him he did it with style (a home run and 5 for 5) and with class. He now becomes the first player to get 3000 hits as a Yankees player. And that’s what I want to talk about.

There has been so much made about Jeter being the all-time Yankees hit leader and the first to record 3000 hits (a handful of other guys spent time in New York on the way to 3000 hits, but only Jeter got all 3000 with the team) that I think it’s beginning to overshadow the accomplishment. You get the feeling  from listening to the pundits and reading the stories that Jeter has just been crowned one of the five greatest Yankees ever. Frankly he has a better chance of becoming a Top 5 all-time shortstop than he does becoming a Top 5 all-time Yankees player (and I don’t think he’s that either of those). And I think all this adulation and over hyping is detrimental to Jeter and his legacy. What is bound to happen is a backlash (of which this post might be considered one, but isn’t meant to be) as his career winds down and his skills erode. This is a truly great player. They are going to rightfully retire his number and put a plaque in Monument Park (plaque, not monument) in his honor and I don’t want people to say “Yeah, he was great, but look at all the other people out there who were better.” If you get to Monument Park in Yankee Stadium, you’re a fine player and don’t need to be compared to the others out there.

So celebrate the accomplishment, don’t try to pigeon-hole Jeter in the Yankees pantheon (or the shortstop pantheon for that matter). As they like to say around here, “Ya done good, kid.” Keep it up.


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  1. Bill Miller Says:

    So now you got me interested. Who is on your list of top five or ten Yanks of all time? Also, where do you think Jeter ranks among the all time great shortstops?
    Just curious, Bill

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