Baseball and Reunions

Am stepping away from my looks at game six for a couple of days. Nothing profound here, just an observation.

 We just had a big family reunion. Actually it was my wife’s family, I’m the in-law. We celebrated her mother’s 90th birthday and had a good time. Hopefully we can do it again in 10 years for her mother’s 100th.

What’s that got to do with baseball? Well, actually quite a lot. My son was there and we were able to spend some time talking about the sport and comparing notes on both this season and our memories of previous seasons. I was so wrapped up in the conversation that I failed to notice that my brother-in-law was sitting behind us listening intently. After my son and I were through with our conversation, the brother-in-law came up to me and told me he wished he could have had that kind of conversation with either of his two sons. I didn’t say much; certainly didn’t point out that one of his sons was about 10 feet away and he could go have the conversation right then if he wanted. He went on his way and left on Sunday with his family. As far as I know, baseball never came up again for him.

Baseball, more than either football or basketball, seems to be a family institution. We talk about it as family, we remember games we saw or heard as family. It seems to bind families together in a way that no other sport matches. Maybe it’s just my family and maybe other families do “family time” around football, but in my family it’s baseball that binds us together in a family way that only an essentially trivial moment can bind a family.

Ain’t that great.


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  1. Bill Miller Says:

    It’s great that you can have those conversations with your son. I never had those kinds of conversations with my dad. He is much more of a football fan. He has no use for baseball.
    Fortunately, my older son does enjoy baseball, and so I guess we’re beginning a new family tradition around baseball.
    Better late than never.

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