Congratulations to Jim Thome

By now most of you should know that Minnesota Twins DH Jim Thome slugged two home runs yesterday to become the eighth player with 600 or more home runs. Congratulations from me to him and also to the Twins who had the sense to sign him when a lot of other teams thought he was through. I hope he plays one more year. I’d like to see him slug passed Sammy Sosa for seventh. I have a feeling that Ken Griffey in sixth is too far away.

Congrats, Jim.


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  1. Chris Ross Says:

    It was really nice to see Jim Thome finally get to 600 because he deserves it. Everything I hear about Jim Thome coming from his teammates and the media is positive. Everyone loves the guy and it is truly special for him to reach the incredibly rare 600 home run club. It will be a few years at least before we see it again but like the 300 win number, who knows how long it will be before we see another guy do it. Also, you think you could have a look at my blog because I would really like to hear what you have to say

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