Awards, 20 Games Out

With about 20 games left in the season, it’s time to start thinking about MLB’s postseason awards. I’ve never been very good at this, so don’t bet the farm on any of my comments. I’m going to tell you who I think should win a few (not all) and am aware that with 20 games to go it could all change.

AL Cy Young–this is easy. Justin Verlander. The only question is whether he picks up the MVP too.

AL MVP–Curtis Granderson. The Yanks are in first, Granderson has had a seismic year, his closest competitor is a pitcher. It’s his unless the wheels come off entirely.

NL Cy Young–Clayton Kershaw. He leads the NL in ERA and strikeouts, he’s second in wins (by 1) and second in WHIP (by 0.05), and he plays on a team just below .500.

NL MVP–I like Ryan Braun, but doubt he’ll win. He’ll lose votes to Fielder on his own team and that may let Upton slide in with the award.

NL Come-Back Player of the Year–Lance Berkman easy. If he’d kept up in July and August what he did in April, May, and June, he might be MVP.

No call yet on Rookies or Managers, but I’ll bet Leyland gets a lot of support.

Feel free to disagree.


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2 Responses to “Awards, 20 Games Out”

  1. keithosaunders Says:

    It’s been a good year for current and former Tigers. I’ll be rooting hard for Detroit in the playoffs, especially if they play the Yankees. Hopefully it will be a repeat of 2006. (just not the Series portion of that season)

  2. The Baseball Idiot Says:

    If the Cardinals get into the playoffs, Berkman should be the MVP. No way they make it without him. If they don’t, Upton.

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