2011 AL MVP

If you haven’t already done so, take a second and head over to the On Deck Circle blog (listed at right). Bill Miller has a fine, well reasoned article looking at the 2011 candidates for the MVP in the American League. He concludes it should be Miguel Cabrera.

Now here’s the thing. I agree with him on who should win. But I have this feeling that Cabrera won’t win. I look for him to come in third or lower. I think, in this post-steroids (I hope) era, Cabrera’s off field problems will weigh against him.  I also don’t think the writers will simply overlook Curtis Granderson of the Yankees. He plays for the most famous and important team in the AL and this season he was their best player. I think that will get him votes and I look for him to come in second. But I believe the winner will be Justin Verlander of Detroit. The last time a pitcher won the AL MVP was Dennis Eckersley in 1992. The last starter to win it was way back in 1986 when Roger Clemens won, and before that go back to 1971 when Vida Blue won. And the National League is even worse with Bob Gibson being the last winner in 1968. There have been worthy candidates in other years (Steve Carlton in 1972 comes to mind–he finished fifth), but the general comment has been “but they’ve got a Cy Young Award for pitchers”, as if a pitcher cannot be “most valuable” to his team. I think this year Verlander’s season has been so outstanding the writers will take the opportunity to rectify this.

With any kind of luck I’ll be wrong, but I won’t hold my breath.


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4 Responses to “2011 AL MVP”

  1. William Miller Says:

    Hi, Thanks for the shout-out. Actually, I don’t think Cabrera will win it, either, although I think he should. I’m guessing you are correct, that Verlander will win it, with Granderson coming in 2nd and Bautista third. Cabrera will probably come in around 5th place. So it goes.
    Thanks again,

  2. The Baseball Idiot Says:

    I agree. Carbrera is my choice, but I think Granderson will win it.

  3. Tyler Smith Says:

    Last starting pitcher to win it was actually Roger Clemens in 1986.

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