2011 NL MVP

Having gone out on a limb for the AL MVP, let me do the same for the NL. I’m going to propose someone who I know isn’t going to win, but I think he may truly be the “most valuable” for his team. I know Ryan Braun, or Prince Fielder, or Matt Kemp is going to win, but let me put in a good word for Lance Berkman.

No player meant more to his NL team this season than Berkman meant to his Cardinals. And you have to admit that the Cardinals couldn’t have expected what they got from Berkman. When Albert Pujols went down, when he didn’t play well, Berkman picked up the team. When Matt Holliday was injured, Berkman stepped into the role. With Adam Wainwright out and pitching weak for the Cardinals, Berkman gave the team an unexpected third hitter in the middle of their lineup. Try thinking of the Cardinals in the playoffs without Berkman. Ain’t gonna happen.

Again, I know he isn’t going to win, but I think there’s a solid case to be made for him.


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2 Responses to “2011 NL MVP”

  1. William Miller Says:

    I think he’ll definitely win Comeback Player of the Year award, and a few MVP votes would be appropriate as well. He was especially good in the first half, but was always solid throughout the year. Also, he may be a future HOF candidate, don’t you think?

    • verdun2 Says:

      Agree entirely on Comeback Player. As for the Hall I don’t know. He’s certainly superior to a bunch of people currently in the Hall, but I don’t know that the writers will see him as worthy. Maybe the Veteran’s Committee. I do think he’s someone who will have to get a good long look.

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