Are These Guys Willfully Stupid?

Tomorrow is one of my favorite days in the baseball calendar. Tomorrow at 2pm Eastern Time they’ll announce who is elected to the Hall of Fame for 2012. The writer’s vote will be announced and we’ll see who the writers, some of them will less brains than a peanut (a very small peanut), have determined is worthy of a trip to Cooperstown. They’ll interview the guy, his mom, his Uncle Charlie, and God knows who else. It will show up on the front webpage of ESPN, of Fox News, of MSNBC and there will be rejoicing throughout the free world. And by 4pm Eastern Time I’ll all be a footnote, relegated to the “In Other Sports News” section of the web because tomorrow night Alabama  and Louisiana State will play a game to determine who is the best team in college football.

Can baseball’s leadership really be that stupid? What a stupid question to ask. Of course they can be that stupid. It’s one of the high points of the baseball year and some idiot has put in on the same day with the college football championship. What? They couldn’t have done it a week earlier or maybe a week later? Give the new guys their day, a full day, to bask in the glory and publicity they deserve. Give the losers a day, a full day, to say good things about the guys who got in (or at least to complain loudly enough for someone to notice).  But to announce who’s enshrined in hallowed halls and then watch everyone go “That’s nice. Who ya got in the ‘Bama, LSU matchup?” is downright disrespectful to the guys who made it to Cooperstown.

I’ve been critical of the voting process (what makes anyone think the baseball writers know what they’re talking about). Now I have to be critical of the timing? Will somebody in charge start getting this right? Yuck!


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  1. William Miller Says:

    Couldn’t agree more. Basebal has done a terrible job promoting itself for at least a generation, now. You would think that an industry run by mostly successful (in other lines of work) businessmen would have a clue about how to market baseball. But maybe they really just don’t care. After all, at the end of the day, they’ll still be wildly rich.
    Nice post, Bill

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