The Internationale

Was this man a baseball fan?

Baseball fans of the world unite (“Arise you workers from your slumbers”) it’s time to stand up for something we desire (“Arise you prisoners of want”). And if this simple plea is ignored (“For reason in revolt now slumbers”) then fandom is going to have to take action (“And at last ends the age of cant”). It’s time to quit allowing the Super Bowl to be a defacto national holiday (“Away with all your superstitions”), stand up for baseball (“Servile masses arise, arise”), and demand Opening Day be made a national holiday (“We’ll change henceforth the old traditions”). We need to do this now (“And spurn the dust to win the prize”).

So let us write our congressmen (“So, comrades, come rally”), write the commissioner (“And the last fight let us face.”). No more Opening Day in Japan, but Opening Day for all fans (“The Internationale unites the human race”). Appeal to the President (“So, comrades, come rally”), don’t be discouraged if he’s off at a basketball game (“And the last fight let us face”). Baseball fans of the world, we can do this (“The Internationale unites the human race”).

Translation of “The Internationale” from There are a dozen or so versions at You Tube if you want to hear it played and sung. Have a happy Opening Day, comrades.


2 Responses to “The Internationale”

  1. William Miller Says:

    “You have nothing to lose but your chains!”
    Or, in the case of the Mets, around 87 ball games.

  2. keithosaunders Says:

    I agree, Verdun. The opening two games in Japan wreaks of corporatism. I don’t even count the Wednesday night ESPN game as opening night. Thursday is my national holiday — bring it on!

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