A Few Random thoughts on the 2012 Playoffs

Now that we are to the 2012 playoffs, here’s a few of my thoughts on them:

1. Tell me you had Oakland and Baltimore in the playoffs when the season started.  Someone said that the only time Oakland was in first place other than the last day of the season was the first couple of days when they played that early set of games in Tokyo. And Baltimore last had a winning record in 1997.

2. I wonder how Texas, which has been to the last two World Series’, will handle being a wildcard and being swept out of the division title. Teams that are supposed to win and don’t tend to go into the dumper rather than rebound to make a long-lived playoff run.

3. St. Louis did it again. Last season they were the last team in and this season did the same. Remember who won the World Series last year. Don’t count the Cardinals out.

4. Hot teams do well. Everybody should be scared of Oakland. I don’t think they can win it all, but their opponents should be very wary.

5. Detroit finally got in. Remember they were a heavy favorite at the beginning of the season but only made the playoffs because of a White Sox collapse (so much for Robin Ventura as manager of the year). They have three things going for them in the playoffs: Jim Leyland, the best pitcher on any team (Verlander), and the best player on any AL team (Cabrera).

6. Remember when Tim Lincecum was washed up? Well, he’s still not back to Cy Young status, but he seems to have gotten over a lot of his problem. Let’s see how that translates for the rest of the season. And while talking about the Giants, congratulations to Buster Posey. With Melky Cabrera disqualifying himself (and MLB concurring), Posey wins the NL batting title, becoming the first NL catcher to win the crown since Ernie Lombardi. He joins Joe Mauer as the only living catcher to win a batting title. For the first time ever there are two active catchers who own a batting title.

7. Washington winning the NL East brings a postseason game to DC for the first time since 1933. It’s also only the second time that the franchise has been in postseason play (1981 when they were still at Montreal). As of this date there are only two MLB franchises that have never been to a World Series, Washington/Montreal and Seattle. Washington may make Seattle stand alone.

8. Glad to see that Dusty Baker is back managing Cincy. I’ve never thought much of him as a manager, but I’m happy to see he’s recovered and is available to lead his team in the playoffs.

9. The Yankees have bashed their way to a division title. Now let’s see how the pitching holds up in postseason.

10. Which only leaves Atlanta. They may get beyond St. Louis, but I wonder how well they will hit.

11. And as a die-hard Dodgers fan, I offer the same cry we Dodgers fans have offered for years, “Wait ’til next year.”



5 Responses to “A Few Random thoughts on the 2012 Playoffs”

  1. William Miller Says:

    I have to admit, this has been one strange and extremely interesting season. Cabrera wins a Triple Crown, Mike Trout has a season for the ages, Posey wins a batting title, the A’s win their division, the Red Sox finish in last place, and the Cardinals, seemingly going nowhere all season, make the playoffs. Oh, yeah, and Baltimore never collapsed the way many of us thought they would.
    Who do you pick for the World Series?
    I’m not even going to attempt to predict this one.

  2. Kevin Graham Says:

    Very disappointed that you didn’t mention the Yankees until #9 on your list. They should be #1 on all lists baseball. My strictly unbiased opinion.

  3. footinthebucket Says:

    No, no, no, V! “Wait ’til next year” is a BROOKLYN Dodger thing… the DODGERS stopped existing after 1957! As far as “NEXT year” is concerned, DEM BUMS already accomplished that in 1955!

    Glen Russell Slater

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