Going Hollywood on us

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This is a blog I hoped I’d never have to write, but somehow I always knew I would. Major League Baseball has gone Hollywood on us. OK, they’d already done that, but now they’ve dipped toward the very bottom of the barrel.

Did you see that we now have official “nominees” for the various postseason awards? I have  this vision of Bud Selig coming from behind the curtain in a tux, standing before a microphone, and announcing, “In the category of Most Valuable Player in the National League, the nominees are…”. Then comes, “May I have the enveloped please?”. Finally, he rips open the envelope with the embossed crossed baseball bats on the back and says, “And the winner is…”. Then the winner comes out and announces, “I’d like to thank the academy, my hitting coach,and all the little people.”

God help us all. Can we just go back to doing it the way we’ve done it since the 1930s? It worked, didn’t it?

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One Response to “Going Hollywood on us”

  1. Glen Russell Slater Says:

    Baseball went “Hollywood” on us a long time ago, Verdun. It just is that most “fans” are in denial. These are the same fans who pay more and more each year at the ballpark because of the insane salaries that the players make (every single one of them is in the 1 percent), and people keep on going to the games, and people keep on watching the games. These suckers pay premium prices to root for millionaires hitting a round thing with a stick. Baseball players make MORE than most Hollywood actors. And they ACT like they do. So why shouldn’t they be consistent about it and present the awards to the prima donas like the prima donas they are? I’m not one of the morons who pays premium prices to watch millionaires hit a round thing with a stick. I don’t pay a DIME. I don’t go to the ballparks, and I don’t have cable television. Baseball started it’s decline towards Hollywood-ism when they stopped the reserve clause in 1977. Before then, my father, my friends, and I went to Shea Stadium and enjoyed games for $1.20, sitting in General Admission, high above home plate, before sneaking down to the good seats. They have stadiums now that have “luxury boxes.” They no longer have scheduled doubleheaders; they now have something called “Day-Night Doubleheaders”. If people are stupid enough to be kicked out of a ballpark and then wait around and then pay to get in again, I suppose they get what they deserve for their idiotic, masochistic ways. The fans are suckers. They’ll accept anything today. So it would actually be consistent to present Hollywood-type award ceremonies for the entitled. They already act as if they are better than you and me. And no wonder. Because the fans put up with it.

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