RIP Marvin Miller

Marvin Miller as union head

ESPN just posted that Marvin Miller, architect of the MLBPA died. He was controversial and apparently a bit of a jerk, but he ushered in the era of free agency and finally got players a bigger cut of the pie. He also led the union in striking. Now we’ll see how much his Hall of Fame chances are boosted. Apparently, some people didn’t mind him in the Hall, they simply didn’t want him to be around to accept the honor.

Anyway, RIP, Marvin Miller, you changed the game forever both for good and for bad.


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  1. footinthebucket Says:

    I’m sorry to hear about Marvin Miller’s death.

    Miller was the head of the United Steelworkers before he became involved in baseball, and, being that almost everyone that my mother grew up with had a father who was a steelworker at American Bridge Company in the small Ohio River city of Ambridge, Pennsylvania (the name of the town, Ambridge, was named after the steel mill), my family has always been very pro-union. My father was one of the teachers who helped to start the United Federation of Teachers during the late 1950s and early 1960s. To say that unions bettered the Slater family’s lot in life would be putting it mildly.

    As far as Marvin Miller is concerned, if he goes in the Hall of Fame, then it wouldn’t make any sense at all without Curt Flood going into the Hall with him; Flood gave up a lot more than Miller did. Flood gave up his CAREER. What courage Flood had, not to mention the willingness to sacrifice!

    Glen Russell Slater

  2. William Miller Says:

    Wow, I missed the news. I think he definitely belongs in The Hall. One of the most important men in the history of the game.

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