2013 Hall of Fame Ballot

The 2013 Hall of Fame ballot was just released. The list includes both returning candidates and new names. It’s a really long ballot, so long that MLB’s webpage lists part of it then gives you a place to click to get the rest. Here, by initial and last name alone, is the ballot list in the order it appears on the MLB website:

J. Bagwell, C. Biggio, B. Bonds, R. Clemens, E. Martinez, D. Mattingly, F. McGriff, M. McGwire, J. Morris, D. Murphy, R. Palmeiro, M. Piazza, T. Raines, C. Schilling, L. Smith, S. Sosa, A. Trammell, L. Walker, B. Williams, S. Alomar, Cirillo, R. Clayton, J. Conine, S. Finley, Julio Franco, S. Green, R. Hernandez, R. Klesko, K. Lofton, J. Mesa, R. Sanders, A. Sele, M.Stanton, T. Walker, D. Wells, R. White, Woody Williams.

OK I put in all of Julio Franco’s name so it didn’t get confused with John Franco and Woody Williams because there are a  gazillion Williams’.

I know everyone is waiting breathlessly (as you should) to hear who I think should be in and who should be tossed to the curb. But you’ll just have to wait until I’ve had a chance to digest the list and figure out who I’d vote for if the Baseball God’s let me vote.



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  1. William Miller Says:

    The more players on the ballot, the harder it will be for any one candidate to reach the critical mass needed to reach the 75% threshold for HOF induction. Still, I imagine one or two should make it in. I would have no problem checking the “yes” box on the maximum ten names on that list. McGriff won’t get anywhere near the amount of support that he should.
    Can’t wait to hear your opinion.

  2. footinthebucket Says:

    “OK I put in all of Julio Franco’s name so it didn’t get confused with John Franco and Woody Williams because there are a gazillion Williams”

    ….Not to mention the person named “R. White”. Who is that? There’s probably been a million people with the first initial of “R” and the last initial of “White” in the past thirty or so years. Just to show you how out of the loop I’ve been in terms of baseball, the only one I can think of is ROY White, a fine player who I always admired, but hardly Hall of Fame material.


  3. footinthebucket Says:

    …And who’s “T. Walker”?

  4. footinthebucket Says:

    If we were voting on personality and class, rather than on quality, the “J. Morris” I’d vote for is John Morris, who played mostly as a backup outfielder for the St. Louis Cardinals from about 1985 until 1990, then the Philadelphia Phillies from 1991 for a year or two, and then the California Angels. I realize that they’re referring to JACK Morris on the ballot, but I knew John Morris, and what a heck of a nice guy. He grew up just a couple of towns from where I mostly grew up.


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