Three for the Hall

MLB just announced the results of the pre-integration Hall of Fame committee’s vote. Elected to the Hall of Fame were Jacob Ruppert, Hank O’Day, and Deacon White. That brings the total Hall membership to an even 300, according to the article. Ruppert was owner of the Yankees in the “Murder’s Row”, “Bronx Bombers” period and built Yankee Stadium, O’Day was an early National League umpire who is perhaps most famous for his participation in the “Merkle Game” of 1908. White was a 19th Century catcher and third baseman whose final season was 1890.

I’ve written a couple of posts on this year’s Vet’s Committee election and you can find info on all three there. If you do, you’ll understand that I am pleased by the choices. I would have chosen both Ruppert and White and mentioned that although I had no idea how to evaluate an umpire for Hall of Fame purposes, I had no problem with O’Day’s election.

According to the article Ruppert and O’Day each received 15 votes and White 12. Twelve votes were needed for election. Bill Dahlen received 10 votes and no other candidate received more than 3 votes. Congratulations to the family of each man.


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2 Responses to “Three for the Hall”

  1. W.k. kortas Says:

    I have no real strong opinion on the inductees, although in terms of O’ Day’s election, I’m just glad I won’t be here in a hundred years when Cowboy Joe West in inducted.

    • verdun2 Says:

      Amen, brother.
      The latest vote has placed me in something of a bind. I’ve said for a long time that Deacon White was the best 19th Century player not in the Hall. Now that he’s in I’ve got to go research a replacement. Lot of work 🙂

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