Here We Go Again



It seems that the steroid era isn’t really over. Baseball claimed, and many of us hoped, that the steroid era was behind us. We could get back to games that were played by real people, not steroid-filled monsters. Apparently the “many of us” were wrong.

Initially I was outraged, but not this time. This time there’s more of  a  sad resignation and realization that we’re going to go through the entire mess again. I’m kind of sorry I feel that way, but I’ve just gotten beyond moral outrage and anger. Of course they’re still doing it. The incentives are too great. Baseball doesn’t care. A lot of fans don’t care. Why should the players care? Makes sense doesn’t it? At least kinda.

Frankly I hope they ban the lot of them. Make the teams start over. So what if we lose some fine players. We’ve lost fine players before, some to war, some to injury, some to out-and-out racial prejudice. Why should we weep more for this latest round of louts?

I don’t expect “purity” in baseball. It’s a business for God’s sake and businesses have never been overly “pure” in their dealings with each other or the public. But I do expect at least a small amount of respect for the game. I’ve learned to not expect respect for the fans, but sure asking for respect for the game isn’t too much. Or is it? Considering most of these guys don’t know a damned thing about the history of the game (Quick, ask one of these dope heads who won the 1948 World Series and see how many “Cleveland” answers show up.) I guess I’m asking too much.

I’ll still watch. It’s a great game and even these jokers can’t ruin it; so I’ll still watch and root for my team. But I’ll also know that there’s an awful lot of fiction in what I see.


5 Responses to “Here We Go Again”

  1. Kevin Graham Says:

    I can’t disagree with anything you’ve said here. It’s extremely frustrating. If the fans don’t care why should the players….it’s too bad.
    Kevin G.

  2. William Miller Says:

    While I generally agree with you, V, I have to wonder when and why baseball has taken on the questionable role of law enforcement agency. I’ve read that their “agents” have determined that “charges” should be brought against the clinic down in Florida. Wouldn’t MLB be better off focusing on actually marketing its product more effectively to its fans, and leave real law enforcement agencies to dig up whatever dirt they can on the players? By attempting to “clean-up” the problem, it’s possible that MLB might be effectively, slowly, killing the sport. Perception is everything, and if they keep looking for scandals, they’ll find them. How this serves their interests as businessmen is beyond me.
    Cheers, Bill

  3. steve Says:

    nice rant!
    there’s a lot of hypocrisy with all these plastic surgery and viagra commercials in between innings.
    i agree with william. let the cops and government enforce whoever makes the rules. Who does make the rules? who decides that viagra is ok, but steroids are bad or illegal?
    i gotta be honest here. those years when mcgwire and sosa and bonds were hitting so many home runs… my serotonin levels were super high.

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