A Second Retirement

Just saw on NBC News website that Andy Pettitte is set to announce his retirement (again). He retired back in 2010, then came back in 2012. Maybe this time it will be for good, although he’s still a pretty fair pitcher.

I looked up his stats. He’s 255-152 for a .627 winning percentage which sits neatly between Hall of Famers Eddie Plank and Chief Bender. His 255 wins is 42nd, just between Red Faber and Ted Lyons. He was 40 more strikeouts than Sandy Koufax (Pettitte’s career is much longer). Those are all good things. So are the 19 postseason wins (five in the World Series) and the 183 postseason strikeouts (56 in the World Series) and the five rings (and two Series losses). They weigh well for his chances for Cooperstown.

But then there’s the high ERA which still bothers a lot of Hall of Fame voters and more than that there are the steroid allegations. Those weigh against his chances for Cooperstown. I have to admit I have no idea which set of stats will prevail in Pettitte’s case.

Anyway, enjoy your retirement, Andy Pettitte. But do me a favor, stay retired this time. I’m getting tired of writing this post. 🙂



2 Responses to “A Second Retirement”

  1. William Miller Says:

    I’m just guessing here, but I’ll bet initially he’ll hover around the 20-25% range for induction, then gradually gain ground over time until he finally clears the hurdle in his 14th or 15th year of eligibility. The next generation of writers might not be quite as concerned about his PED use as the present generation is. Personally, I have no strong opinion of him getting in one way or another.

  2. Glen Russell Slater Says:

    I’m disturbed by Petite (misspelling on purpose) for two reasons— the PED use, and how he wimped out completely when it came to testifying against his “friend” Roger Clemens as far as HGH is concerned. “Roger Rocket Fuel” got a slap on the wrist, as a result of this kind of testimony. Petite has no integrity; he’s a wimp.

    Now, I’ll admit that I’m extremely ignorant of the legal system, to be honest with you, but Petite had said during government hearings that Clemens DID use HGH. So is that not PERJURY??? Or am I just confused???


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