A Question of Identity

The picture in question

The picture in question

Back on 24 January 2011, I published a post titled simply “The Knickerbockers”. At the end I posted the above photo and provided the traditional identities of the six men pictured.  Recently a reader commented on that post that the identity of the people in the picture has been called into question and should be rejected. If you are interested in the issue of early baseball, the Knickerbockers, or how identifications are made from old photographs, I suggest strongly that you go to the 24 January post. At the bottom you will find two comments by a bmarlowe. The first has links to two pdf files which lay out the case for the misidentification of the picture above. Both are excellent articles and deserve to be brought to the attention of any reader interested in the issues mentioned above. A thanks to bmarlowe for bringing this to my attention.



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