2013 Awards: Cy Young

Koufax, the only 3-time unanimous Cy Young winner

Koufax, the only 3-time unanimous Cy Young winner

To me, the 2013 Cy Young Awards are the easiest to figure. I have my choices and I believe the will coincide with the writers.

NL: Does anyone serious expect someone other than Clayton Kershaw to win the National League Cy Young Award?

AL: It’s a little trickier in the American League. There is going to be a lot of support for new stat guys like Felix Hernandez, but I think the writers will ultimately go with Max Scherzer of Detroit (without reference to his bullpen letting him down last night). There was one 20 game winner in the Major Leagues this season and Scherzer was it. I think that stat alone will give him the writers nod. I’ll go with him too. I recognize the devaluing of the “win” stat, but Scherzer has a lot of other things going for him. His WHIP is impressive (and first in the AL), as is his FIP. His ERA is 2.90, which is good in this era, and is fifth this season. His ERA+ is 145 (tied for second). He’s third in pitcher’s WAR behind Iwakuma and a guy with a losing record (Sale). He’s second in strikeouts. All of that together puts him first on my ballot.

About the picture. As people are constantly comparing Kershaw to Koufax, thought you might like to see a shot of the real thing in action.


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  1. William Miller Says:

    I agree with both of your choices. They deserve it. I wonder if Kershaw will be unanimous? Could happen.

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