Hall of Fame Ballot Published

The Hall of Fame published its writer’s ballot for the 2014 (January) election. Here’s the list in the order (alphabetical) presented on the Hall of Fame website and the MLB website:

M. Alou, J. Bagwell, A. Benitez, C. Biggio, B. Bonds, S. Casey, R. Clemens, J. Cruz, R. Durham, D. Easley, K. Foulke, E. Gagne, T. Glavine, L. Gonzalez, S. Hatteberg,  J. Jones, T. Jones, J. Kent, J. Lieber, E. Loaiza, P. LoDuca, G. Maddux, E. Martinez, D. Mattingly, F.  McGriff, M. McGwire, K. Mercker, J. Morris, M. Morris, M. Mussina, T. Nixon, H. Nomo, R. Palmiero, M. Piazza, T. Raines, R. Rincon,  K. Rogers, C. Schilling, R. Sexton, L. Smith, J. T. Snow, S. Sosa, S. Stewart, F. Thomas, M. Timlin, A. Trammell, S. Trachsel, J. Vidro, L. Walker, and D. Young. Nineteen names are new.


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  1. William Miller Says:

    One rule I’d like to see the HOF get rid of is the limit of checking ten name per ballot. In most years, that would be more than enough. But I could easily check off 10-12 names on this list as, in my opinion, deserving of induction into the HOF. Lots of these guys will cancel each other out, so that it is plausible that just one or two of these players will actually be inducted this year. There are about 20 players on this list for whom a plausible HOF-worthy case can be made.

  2. W.k. kortas Says:

    If I’m Mike Timlin, I’m doing my damnedest to get a copy of that ballot and get it framed.

  3. Glen Russell Slater Says:

    Matty Alou—– not sure. Tim Raines—- yes. Jack Morris—- yes. (I’d put another J. Morris in, and that’s John Morris, the utility outfielder for the Cardinals, Phillies, and Angels, but that’s only because I knew him and he’s a heck of a good guy, and I got to know his mother very well, and the late Grace Morris of North Bellmore, New York was a wonderful human being who I enjoyed being with in the hospital; God bless her- she was a beautiful person. I guess I’ll write a blog post about her and her son.)

    Mike Piazza- no. Bagwell and Biggio- yes. Glavine- yes.

    Larry Walker- no.

    McGriff- not sure.

    Jeff Kent- No.

    Mattingly- no.

    Greg Maddux- Yes. (THAT one didn’t require much thought!)

    Mike Mussina- not sure.

    Curt Schilling- Not sure.

    Alan Trammel- YES. LONG OVERDUE.

    J. Cruz- Which J. Cruz are we talking about here?

    The others don’t even require discussion, although I’m a little bit confused on my Joneses, Gonzalezes, etc.

    Nobody who was into steroids or even SUSPECTED of such.

    To be honest, I’m kind of lousy at picking this kind of stuff. And it’s probably evident.


  4. Glen Russell Slater Says:

    If L. Smith stands for Lee Smith, then I’ll choose him, too. That makes eight.

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