2014 Veteran’s Committee Results Announced

The 2014 Veteran’s Committee announced its results this morning. The following were elected to the Hall of Fame for the class of 2014:

Bobby Cox, Tony LaRussa, Joe Torre.

No players or executives were chosen. Commentary on my part to follow.

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4 Responses to “2014 Veteran’s Committee Results Announced”

  1. William Miller Says:

    They should change the title of this group to the Veteran’s Committee Who Goes Out of Its Way to Shaft Other Former Players in Favor of Their Managers.

    • W.k. kortas Says:

      I will say this–there are a lot of ex-players on that committee who would be living a little less high on the hog if it wasn’t for Marvin Miller.

      • William Miller Says:

        Great point. But how could we possibly enshrine a labor-sympathizing communist agitator? My dad used to say that a Republican is a former Democrat who started to make some money. Once they land that first big paycheck, get invited into the country club, and buy their first set of golf clubs, it’s all over. Look at Ronald Reagan.

    • W.k. kortas Says:

      I’m reminded of the sage words of former NBA player Cornbread Maxwell, who explained his support for Jesse Helms by saying “A lot of brothers ain’t makin’ the kind of scratch I am.”

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