RIP Tony Gwynn

Just saw on ESPN that Tony Gwynn is dead at 54.

He was one of the best pure hitters I ever saw. His .394 in 1994 is one of the great numbers posted in my lifetime. I loved to watch the concentration of his entire body when he batted. Early on he was both a decent base runner and a good outfielder. As he aged and put on weight those weakened, but his hitting never did. Baseball will miss him.

RIP, Tony.


3 Responses to “RIP Tony Gwynn”

  1. steve Says:

    Gwynn’s .394 in 94 you mentioned will always be the same for me; one of the greatest seasons by one of the greatest hitters i ever saw.

  2. glenrussellslater Says:

    This is truly shocking. I hadn’t even known until I just read your post a few minutes ago. I don’t know how I missed this.

    Cancer of the mouth. Did you have any idea that Gwynn had been getting treated for this off and on for a few years? I had no idea until I read the obituary on the New York Times website just now. Maybe he kept it from the press.

    A very unsung hero. And one of the few of the post-Reserve Clause era who played a long, long career with the same team. Can you imagine if he had played in a large market or with a team that wasn’t usually mediocre? (Except for 1984, of course.)

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