Congrats to the Royals

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A big congratulations to the Kansas City Royals for breaking a 29 year World Series drought. I didn’t have them in the Series when the season started. How many of you did? And before you answer, remember, my Grandmother used to remind me that you could go to hell for lying. 🙂




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  1. Glen Russell Slater Says:

    I didn’t predict them! I didn’t predict the final standings at all. But for the last few years, I was HOPING that either the Pirates or the Royals would win it. I’m glad for them. Although I have nothing against the Orioles, either. When I was a kid, I always wore my Orioles cap that I bought at Baltimore Memorial Stadium while I was playing stickball.


  2. Miller Says:

    Isn’t it time, v, to praise Dayton Moore for his work, particularly the much-maligned Myers/Odorizzi/Shields/Davis trade? I have a close and very smart friend who says we should focus on process and not the result. But perhaps the result is telling us that DMGM’s process was right and our analysis was wrong. KC was closer than I though, and without that trade, WAR tells us they’d have lost out the the M’s for a playoff spot. I know Andrew Friedman is a genius (and now a rich genius) and Dayton Moore is an idiot. I know because I’ve been told so sooooo many times. But with similar budgets, they’ve been to the same number of World Series. And DMGM is four wins away from topping Friedman. I think I’ve been wrong all these years. I’ll now credit Moore for flipping Myers. Mea culpa.

    • wkkortas Says:

      I’m not sure I’d ever make a trade like that, but when you’re in a market like KC, I think you have to target a window of a year or two and say “OK, I’m all in”, and understand you’re either a genius or you’re fired. It’s an awful risk, but as they say, flags fly forever.

    • verdun2 Says:

      I agree that Moore gets much credit for the Royals success. We seem to very selective when it comes to handing out credit to GMs. The guy at Boston is a genius, the guy at San Francisco not so much (it’s all Bochy apparently). And there’s also too much blame if it doesn’t work. The Boston guy is now at Chicago and it ain’t working so now he’s an idiot.
      A handful of GMs have been enshrined at Cooperstown (Barrow, Rickey, Gillick, and the McPhails and Veeck–depending on whether you see them as owners or GMs). But in so many ways it’s a thankless job. If you lose it’s your fault, if you win it’s the players and the manager. What can you do?
      Thanks for reading and for a thoughtful comment.

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