And Congrats to the Giants

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Giants logo

You have no idea how hard it is for a die-hard Dodgers fan to type the above heading. But the Giants deserve the accolade. It’s an even-numbered year, so of course they’re in the World Series. I have to admit to having my money on them, although I was rooting for LA. Frankly, I think they’ll win it all, but I will be rooting for Kansas City. BTW did you notice that there is now a four-day break before the World Series begins? That’s too long. The powers that be should be able to move the Series up a couple of days if neither league  series goes seven games. I know it’s a logistical problem for TV and hotels but a four-day layoff allows hot teams to cool down and allows casual fans to forget there’s a World Series coming. Too bad. I just hope it will be a well played Series.



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  1. steve Says:

    My sympathies to you as a dodger fan, but at least one of the teams is blue. Yes, after this year’s Brewer collapse, I’ve resorted to crayons and oatmeal to get me through.

    Ya know, In that both teams are sizzling hot, the four day rest will hopefully favor no one.

    That situation in the ninth inning last night, the one where Pence didn’t bunt was a situation where Hosmer probably would have. These two teams are strangely similar in their lack of power, but somehow very different in how they move runners 90 feet. But then again, the Royals are hitting homers this post season and the Giants got on the board last night…Ishikawa..wawa wowa!!

    Looking forward to this series and in the 4 day interim period, there’s always old Pedro Martinez games to watch on you tube.

  2. Gary Trujillo Says:

    The four days off makes sense as baseball doesn’t want to embarrass itself head to head against football. Baseball is more of a regional sport–always has been, so I don’t think it will matter much as far as the casual watcher is concerned.

  3. The Baseball Bloggess Says:

    I’m with you on this long break thing.

    I’m going Giants — a few former Orioles in the mix (Morse, Ishikawa), a former UVa guy (Lopez), and a whole mess of Richmond Flying Squirrels AA players (Panik, Crawford, etc). I’m in Virginia, but they’re feeling like the closest “hometown” team I’ve got at the moment.

    Plus, it means I can wear my Orioles sweatshirt and at least have the color palette correct.

    Or, maybe I should just start counting the days til spring …

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