Congrats to the Newest HoF Members

Congratulations to Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, John Smoltz, and Craig Biggio on their election to the Hall of Fame. Of new names on the ballot, Nomar Garciaparra at 5.5% and Gary Sheffield at 11.7% are the only players to remain for next year’s ballot. Vote totals can be found on the Hall of Fame website. Comments later.

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5 Responses to “Congrats to the Newest HoF Members”

  1. William Miller Says:

    Kind of interesting that out of the era of the big sluggers and huge home run totals, three pitchers get in this time, along with a gap-hitter.

  2. Miller Says:

    Not that he deserves to get in, but I’m very happy Nomar’s case will be reviewed again. I like when players who were great, for even a little while, get their cases heard a few times.

  3. glenrussellslater Says:

    I’m starting to think that the baseball hall of fame is imitating the rock n’ roll hall of fame……. a big joke, not something to be taken seriously. (An interesting parallel can be made that The Dave Clark Five were put into the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame right around the same time that Andre Dawson was put into the baseball hall of fame. Are people too easy to please these days? Maybe it’s too easy to get into BOTH kinds of halls of fame, or maybe the people who are “qualified” to do the voting aren’t up to the task and are irresponsible.)

    When I visited the hall of fame when I was eleven or so, the players, the vast majority of them, were all worthy of praise. NOW, it seems that every Tom, Dick, and Harry get put into the baseball hall of fame. Who ARE these “sportswriters” who decide this stuff? Do they know what they are talking about?

    Maybe the rock n’ roll hall of fame and the baseball hall of fame should be combined.

    Is there a way to get a list of the sportswriters who are the voters are? I’m really curious to know? Do they get their facts from watching highlights on ESPN? I’m not saying that some of these guys don’t belong, but there are guys that are much more deserving who aren’t in. Why don’t they put them in before they put in the younger ones.

    Maybe it’s because I’m just a bitter old codger now.

    Anyway, do you know where I can find a list of the “sportswriters” who vote?

    I put sportswriters in quotes because the great sportswriters, like Red Smith, Dick Young, Joseph Durso, Jimmy Cannon, and, yes, even Ring Lardner and Damon Runyon, and many others, are not around anymore.

    The sportswriters of today rarely actually PLAYED the game (they were mostly inside the house, playing their idiotic video games) and mostly got their jobs through academic “achievement” (majoring in “Sports Journalism”) or through nepotism or other connections to a certain media outlet rather than through knowledge of the game or plain old skill or things like that.

    Do other people in the media vote besides these so-called “sportswriters”?

    I’m curious about all this.


    • verdun2 Says:

      One of the complaints about the Hall voting is that only “writers” vote while other media types (announcers, color guys, people like Vin Scully and Bob Costas, etc) don’t get a vote. I have no idea if there is a list of voters. I suggest you try and find the BBWAA website and see if they will tell you. Sorry, best I can do.

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