A Baker’s Dozen Things You Should Know About Hank Bauer

Hank Bauer

Hank Bauer

1. Henry Bauer was born in East St. Louis, Illinois on 31 July 1922. He was a first generation American.

2. He was a quality high school baseball (and basketball) player and in 1941 had a tryout with the Oshkosh minor league team.

3. After Pearl Harbor he joined the US Marine Corps, serving through 1945. He was wounded twice, receiving two Purple Hearts, and also awarded two Bronze Stars for gallantry.

4. In 1946 he was signed to a contract with a Yankees farm team. His salary a mere $175 a month.

5. He made the Major Leagues in 1948.

6. By 1949 he was settling in as New York’s primary right fielder. He would remain there through 1959.

7. He participated in nine World Series’, winning seven. The seven wins ties him for third most World Series wins by a player (behind his teammates Yogi Berra and Joe DiMaggio).

8. He holds the record with a 17 game hitting streak in World Series play (1956, 1957, and 1958). During that streak he hit all seven of his postseason home runs, scored 12 of his 21 World Series runs, and had 17 of his 24 postseason RBIs.  His 17 game streak was tied by Derek Jeter, but not all of Jeter’s hitting streak occurred during World Series play.

9. During the early integration period in Major League baseball, Bauer was a stalwart defender of black ball players. He was reprimanded for trying to fight a fan who’d been hurling racial epithets at Elston Howard, and was involved in the Billy Martin-Sammy Davis, Jr incident at a nightclub (the Copacabana) in New York in 1957. One man was injured in a brawl and Bauer was thought to have thrown the punch (it was never proved).

10. In 1960 he was traded to Kansas City (the Athletics, not the Royals) for Roger Maris.

11. In 1961 he became the A’s player-manager. They didn’t do particularly well and he was fired in 1962.

12. In 1964 he became manager of the Baltimore Orioles and led them to the 1966 World Series championship (a four game sweep of the Dodgers). He remained manager into 1968 when he was replaced by Earl Weaver. He later managed Oakland in 1969.

13. He died in Kansas in 2007.

Bauer's final resting place

Bauer’s final resting place


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  1. wkkortas Says:

    Not only did those Yankees teams of the 50s win a lot of games, they also had a bunch of guys who’d break your arm if you messed with them–Bauer, Reynolds, Martin, Gene Woodling, and so on.

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