Home on the Range with Lou Gehrig

Just found my own copy of this flick. Wanted to remind people it exists and can be found. Enjoy.

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Occasionally I’ve commented on baseball’s relationship with Hollywood. This time I want to do my Roger Ebert impression and actually review a movie. It’s called Rawhide (not to be confused with the Clint Eastwood TV series of the 1960s) and it stars Lou Gehrig. Yep (and I do mean “yep”, Pardner) that Lou Gehrig.

In 1938 Gehrig made a movie. It’s a western released in April by Principal Productions. It runs 58 minutes and is a standard drug store cowboy/singing cowboy flick with Gehrig thrown in as the token ballplayer. The film is touted for having Gehrig in it, but he has the second role behind Smith Ballew. Ballew was a singing cowboy of the 1930s and 1940s who had a short career that never got above the drug store cowboy stage.  

Gehrig has decided to retire from baseball, so the plot informs us (not knowing that was to be tragically true…

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