Anybody Got $50,000?

1860 Brooklyn Atlantic

1860 Brooklyn Atlantic

Just saw that a great bit of baseball memorabilia is up for auction at Heritage Auctions in Chicago (you can go to their website and see the details).

Apparently this woman in Massachusetts has a copy of a carte de visite showing the about 1860 Brooklyn Atlantic team. It includes Joe Start and Dickey Pearce along with the rest of the team. They’re not quite sure the exact year of the picture because it seems everyone isn’t identified, but it’s presumed to be pre-Civil War. I put a copy of the picture from the auction house website above.

Anyway, they expect it to go for about $50,000. So far I’ve got a ten. A little help here, team.


6 Responses to “Anybody Got $50,000?”

  1. William Miller Says:

    Nice. I can kick in a fiver. Love those sideburns and facial hair.

  2. The Baseball Bloggess Says:

    I’ll toss in a $10, too … but really, for that kind of money, a simple frame might be a nice tough.

  3. wkkortas Says:

    I can kick in $500, as long as you don’t mind the bill being orange.

  4. Kevin Graham Says:

    I actually have one of these in my extensive memorabilia collection.
    I can let you have it for a mere $1000. Trust me, it comes with a certificate of authenticity!!!!!

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