RIP Yogi

Just saw that Yogi Berra died at age 90. One of the great heroes of my youth (although he did play for the hated Yankees). When I was a kid there were Yogi and Campy and everybody else when it came to catchers and now both are gone.

Over the years Yogi Berra has become known more for his mangling of the English language than for his baseball skills. I guess that’s OK, because it kept him in the limelight and made him some money, but his career in baseball should not be forgotten. He was a wonderful hitter, a great catcher, a pretty fair manager.

With all due respect to Mr. Bench, to me there will always be Yogi and Campy and everybody else. RIP Yogi, and I see you finally came to a fork in the road and took it.


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  1. glen715 Says:

    I didn’t know until I read your post just now. When I read the first sentence, that Yogi died, I broke out crying, which is not something I do very often.

    I’m very sorry about this. It’s a sad day.


  2. William Miller Says:

    Oddly, given his fine career and excellent career stats, I’ve always felt that Yogi remained somehow underrated as a catcher. More importantly, though, he was a very fine, humble human being.

  3. wkkortas Says:

    For all the stuff about Yogi-isms and what not, what needs to be remembered is that Yogi won three MVPs and had several other seasons that were just as good where he could have won it. He was the finest catcher ever to play the game, bar none.

  4. sportsphd Says:

    I saw a good way to appreciate Yogi’s greatness. He won 3 MVP’s and 10
    World Series. The current best catcher in the game, Buster Posey, has 1 and 3 respectively. So to get to Yogi, take Posey and triple him.

  5. Steve Myers Says:

    the great thing about this guy we call yogi who i never saw play is all those home runs he hit and so few strikeouts and what my dad tells me, about him swinging at pitches way over his head or maybe he wasn’t that tall, but he musta been hungry, for base hits, probably pizza too, and i like that and pitchers musta known that he would swing at just about everything and so they probably tried to trick him, but apparently failed because Yogi got on base .348 and hit all those home runs.

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