Congrats to the 2015 Winners

By now we know who’s left standing after baseball’s regular season. Ten teams still have a chance at a World Series title. Here’s a short congratulatory post for them.

National League

So the Pirates and the Cubs square off to see who gets to play St. Louis. One of the better baseball stories of the last several years is the resurgence of Pittsburgh. And for Chicago, who hasn’t been even sporadically decent over the 15 years of this century we have a chance to see if they can carry through. Either winner gets the only 100 game winner in the league, the Cardinals. St. Louis reminds me a lot of the 1995-2005 Yankees (although New York won it all a lot more frequently). There just aren’t a lot of stars on this team. But it’s a quality team whose parts mesh well together to create a formidable combination.

Then my Dodgers get to play Bill Miller’s Mets (one of us gets bragging rights, Bill) with home field. We’ll see just how important a late season acquisition (Cespedes) was. We’ll also see just how far two pitchers can take a team. As it’s not the Cards, Kershaw actually has a decent chance of winning his game. And BTW unless you’re a diehard Mets fan like Bill, don’t tell me you had the Mets when the season started.

American League

It turns out Kansas City wasn’t a fluke. They’ll host one set of games while Toronto gets the other. I can’t imagine the Royals creating quite the same excitement as they did last season, but, as with the Pirates, it’s good to see a team revive after years in the dumps. You know, you could make an argument for Troy Tulowitski as the AL MVP based on how much he helped Toronto over the hump (kinda like Cespedes in New York). I wouldn’t; but I won’t be surprised if someone does. I certainly didn’t have either Texas or New York when the season began. Both were surprises (especially the Rangers). And nobody had the Astros, the surprise team of the year.

So good luck to all of them, especially my Dodgers. I hope they win, but even if they don’t I want to see an exciting, well-played postseason.

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6 Responses to “Congrats to the 2015 Winners”

  1. William Miller Says:

    Well, I certainly did not pick my Mets to make the playoffs this season, but I’m pleasantly surprised by how things turned out. I’m sure the Mets have a healthy respect for Kershaw and Greinke. If they can win even one of those first two games, and head on back to New York, they may have a chance.
    Good luck to your Dodgers!

  2. Miller Says:

    As a quasi- Met supporter, I thought if the Pirates and Giants faltered that there might be a space for an 84-win Mets team to reach a Wild Card game. But no, I didn’t pick the Mets.

    Now, to quibble. I never quibble with you, v, but I must in this case. Tulo for MVP? I think that might be the worst MVP choice ever if it happened. He had a .317 OBP in Toronto, and he posted an OPS+ of a 92. That’s kinda awful. Plus, he took three weeks off at the end of September.

    I’d like to see Mike Trout take the MVP since Miggy robbed him of one (maybe two) earlier in his career, but there’s a really easy MVP call in Toronto – Josh Donaldson. In my not-so-humble opinion, Tulo shouldn’t appear anywhere on anyone’s ballot. And if they had 30 choices, he still shouldn’t.

    If I disagree and continue reading, that’s better than if I agree and stop reading, right? Good stuff, sir.


  3. wkkortas Says:

    As a Pirate fan, I am conditioned to expect bad things. Jake Arrieta, for instance.

  4. keithosaunders Says:

    I actually picked the Mets to win the division but it was done with tongue firmly implanted in cheek. It’s a been a dream season but I’ve been filled with a sense of foreboding thanks to the Mets weak finish, the pussification of the pitching staff re Harvey, and the looming presence of Kershaw & Greinke. Can they wait a little longer to start the games? A five day layoff isn’t enough time to prepare for delicate genius Kershaw!

  5. Gary Trujillo Says:

    Go Dodgers! I’d like to see anyone but the Cardinals take the N.L. because, well, I’ve always found them to be quite boring.

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