A New Set of Cards

Just a short note today. My son alerted me to a press release from Topps. Apparently they are producing a set of “Pride and Perseverance” cards to celebrate MLB players who “triumphed in spite of disabilities.” The set includes such old timers as “Dummy” Hoy (who, in a case of political correctness they insist on calling “William”) and such new guys as Jim Eisenreich. It seems there will be 11 of them. There was no picture. Passed along for anyone interested. You can find info on Topps website.

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7 Responses to “A New Set of Cards”

  1. William Miller Says:

    Thanks for the tip, V. I still do collect baseball cards, so I’ll give these a look.

    • glen715 Says:

      First of all, I want to apologize for my idiocy on Steve Myers’ comment board yesterday. I had been drinking and had been angry (not at anyone V, Bill, Steve, or W.K. or anyone; just the way things have been building up for me lately just came to a head, and I just lost my mind, for lack of a better term.) Speaking of “losing my mind”, I do have a mental disability (major depression, social anxiety, and O.C.D.), but that’s no excuse to act like that to my fellow blog acquaintances. Speaking of mental disability, I read the article about it on the U.S.A. Today website and was cynical about what I was going to read. Sure enough, there was no mention of Alex Johnson. I don’t care what anyone says; Alex, who died earlier this year, had it as tough as any deaf person, person who is a cancer survivor, one-armed person, legally blind person, and so forth. I, myself, am a cancer survivor (I had half of my kidney removed in 2008) and a heart attack survivor (I had a major heart attack in 2011; I was rushed into the hospital, where they found a 99 percent blockage in my Left Anterior Descending coronary artery, and I have a stent. But I’ve never felt physically better in my whole life!

      Back to Alex Johnson—- He had it rough. No doubt about it. Forget about all the hateful columns about him. He had to battle his mental illness PLUS battle a baseball, and he was successful at both. He was the first person who received full pay for being on the disabled list like all other players. Marvin Miller helped him with this, of course. Most of all, outside of the baseball stadium, he was a person with a heart of gold who helped mentally retarded children, and not for publicity, either.

      Others who fall into this kind of category other than A.J. would be Zack Greinke (severe social anxiety), Tony Horton (nervous breakdown), and of course the most famous one, Jimmy Piersall. Why was HE not on Topps’ list??? Ridiculous. Also Bill Pulsipher, the pitcher, who was on Lithium and was being treated during his career for major depression and anxiety.

      Sorry about the length of this comment. Sometimes I forget that I’m not Howard Cosell.


      • Steve Myers Says:

        Thanks for the apology Glen. I hope you’re feeling better.

      • glen715 Says:

        I didn’t really say what I wanted to say. My point was that I had cancer and I had a heart attack, but even though I had half of my left kidney removed and even though my heart attack was quite serious, it was all a piece of cake compared to the mental disability and emotional problems that I’ve had to deal with for the majority of my life. That was the point I was really trying to make.


  2. Steve Myers Says:

    Love those press releases from Topps! Thanks for letting us know v!

  3. The Baseball Bloggess Says:

    What a great thing! I have passed this on to some friends who work in the disabilities community and they are delighted that they can share these inspiring (and occasionally unusual) stories.

  4. Steve Myers Says:

    Thanks for letting us know. So many cards and sets makes it hard to collect ’em all, but in many ways, excluding the price spike, this feels like a golden age for baseball cards.

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