2016 Spink and Frick Awards

Having been ill when the 2016 Spink (writer) and Frick (broadcaster) Awards were announced, I didn’t comment on either. Here’s a quick update in case you didn’t note the announcements.

Graham McNamee

Graham McNamee

Longtime broadcaster Graham McNamee won the Ford Frick Award for 2016. He is probably most famous for broadcasting the 1926 World Series on radio for NBC, but was behind the mike for a number of baseball games into the 1940s. He died in 1942.

Dan Shaughnessy

Dan Shaughnessy

The Boston Globe‘s Dan Shaughnessy won the J.G. Taylor Spink Award for sports writing. Writing out of Boston he’s done most of  his work covering the Red Sox, but is generally considered an expert on the sport in general (ESPN uses him a lot). He’s also written a biography of former Boston (and current Cleveland) manager Terry Francona.


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6 Responses to “2016 Spink and Frick Awards”

  1. William Miller Says:

    Hope you’re feeling better, V. And Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  2. Gary Trujillo Says:

    Why would you give an award to a guy who died over 70 years ago!?

    • wkkortas Says:

      Because that makes him less annoying than Shaughnessy.

      • glen715 Says:

        I agree with you about Shaughnessy, W.K. I think he’s a lousy writer. I read a book by him about Babe Ruth that didn’t come out that long ago (maybe a few years) and it was pretty boring, in my opinion.

        And I was also thinking about the Graham McNamee thing. He was before my time, but I’ve known about him ever since he was mentioned numerous times in Red Barber’s great book, “The Broadcasters”, which I read when I was in high school. McNamee, by the way, did a lot of boxing play-by-play, too.

        As for the Spink and Frick Awards, I’m more interested in the Frick and Frack Award.

        I am still waiting, though, until they give the Frick Award to Herb Score. Too bad they didn’t give it to him when he was still alive. I used to listen to Score calling the Indians games on WWWE radio at night from Long Island, and it came in very well at night. Listening to Score call a baseball game was like listening to a friend call a baseball game; he didn’t “announce”, he simply “told” in his very relaxed voice. Perfect for the Midwest, and ironic because he was from right here in New York City.

        I found this on You Tube. McNamee calling the Dempsey-Tunney match of 1927.


  3. Steve Myers Says:

    I never really pay much attention to these awards, but in looking over the previous year’s winners, I was pleasantly surprised to see Dave Van Horne’s name. I don’t really remember how his voice sounds, but he did most of his work in Montreal I think and that makes it kind of rare, but then again, Tom Cheek won it too, him being from Toronto. Maybe they try and touch all of baseball’s geography, but still no Jacques Doucet or that guy from Mexico.

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