A Street for Vin

For your interest and edification, I saw on ESPN that the Los Angeles City Council is going to debate changing a street name. Currently the street that leads to the main entrance of Dodger Stadium is named Elysian Park Avenue. The proposal is to change the name to Vin Scully Avenue. So far it’s just a proposal. Sounds reasonable to me.


4 Responses to “A Street for Vin”

  1. Gary Trujillo Says:

    It’s a done deal now.

  2. William Miller Says:

    I love the idea. They should do it.

  3. Steve Myers Says:

    Maybe megaphones will be mounted on the street corners filling the air with sounds of Vin’s soothing voice Bring traffic to a halt.

  4. wkkortas Says:

    They should also re-name the press box after him.

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