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Gene Mack's view of Shibe Park, Philadelphia

Gene Mack’s view of Shibe Park, Philadelphia

Back in the 1940s Gene Mack was a sports cartoonist working in Boston. He was particularly famous for his baseball cartoons. In 1946 and 1947 he did a series of cartoons showing the ballparks of the era. Each of them gave a view of the park outside in one corner, then showed the park interior with lots of little bits about what it was like in the park and what famous (or infamous) things happened in each. Above is one example.

Overall there are 14 of the cartoons. Baseball in the era consisted of 16 teams, but two of them (the teams in Philadelphia and St. Louis) used the same parks, so there was only need for 14 cartoons. Over the next several of these I’m going to show you each of the cartoons. You can click on each to enlarge it. They can be found a lot of places on line if you’re interested. I trust you’ll enjoy them. This time it’s the cartoons showing the stadia in Philly and St. Louis.

Gene Mack's view of Sportsman's Park, St. Louis



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  1. Allan G. Smorra Says:

    Thanks for sharing these with us. I am impressed with the amount of information in the cartoons and the fact that it does not distract from the artwork.

  2. rjkitch13 Says:

    I’ve always been fascinated by the old ballparks. Thanks for this!

  3. keithosaunders Says:

    These are great!

  4. Precious Sanders Says:

    These are fun! It would be cool to see something like this for Kauffman.

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