RIP Clifton James

Just saw that the actor Clifton James died yesterday at age 96. He was a veteran of World War II receiving two Purple Hearts and a Silver Star. His career in acting spanned the theater, television, and movies. I first ran across him as Carr the floor walker in “Cool Hand Luke.” He had the great speech about which sheet you kept and what happened if you kept the wrong sheet.  And why, you ask, am I telling you this? Well, primarily because of this:

Hollywood’s version of Charles Comiskey

In the movie version of “Eight Men Out” James portrayed White Sox owner Charles Comiskey. Whatever you thought of the flick’s take on the Black Sox scandal, James’ take on Comiskey was wonderful.




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  1. glen715 Says:

    Wow! He even LOOKED like photographs that I’ve seen of Charles Comiskey!

    Incidentally, V, do you have any idea what nationality Comiskey was? I find the spelling of his name interesting. Generally (but most definitely not always) when a person’s name is spelled with “sky” at the end, it indicates that the person is Russian and when it’s “ski” at the end of the name, it indicates that the person is Polish.

    But other than Comiskey, I never saw anyone’s name with a “skey” at the end of the name. I never saw that spelling before, so it’s got me wondering; in fact, I’ve wondered about Charles Comiskey’s name for a long time. Do you happen to know what nationality? And how his name happens to be spelled in that unorthodox way?


    • verdun2 Says:

      His dad was John Comiskey, a fairly well known Chicago politician of the post-Civil War era. According to John Comiskey’s Wikipedia page (the only thing I looked at) he was born in Ireland and came to the US from there.
      No idea how that got an “skey” on the end of the name. Although I do know a guy whose name is McCaskey and his family is from Ireland. I don’t know how common a suffix it is.

  2. glen715 Says:

    Oh, yeah. He also looks a lot like Winston Churchill in that movie still!


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