Judge vs. the Babe

Well, it took long enough, but I finally heard it. Someone the other day on national television compared Aaron Judge to Babe Ruth. I wanted to cry.


Aaron Judge is a heck of a player–so far. Let’s face it, the kid is a rookie and there have been a ton of rookies who had one great year, the first one. A number of them even won the Rookie of the Year Award then faded into obscurity. I have no idea what will happen to Judge during his career but I do know it is vastly unfair to compare him to the Babe.

The Babe with someone named Gehrig in 1927

Let’s start with a simple question, how good a pitcher is Judge? I could simply leave it at that (but you know I won’t, don’t you?) but I want to remind you that Ruth was possibly the best left-handed pitcher of the 19-teens. Of course in the late teens and in the 1920s he became a hitter and a national phenomena. He maintained a high level of excellence, with a few dips here and there, for almost two decades; first with his arm, then with his bat.

I hate these kinds of comparisons. They almost always hurt the new guy, because he can never, or at least almost never, live up to the hype. So could we simply sit back, enjoy Aaron Judge for what he gives us and also remember Babe Ruth for what he meant to both the country and the sport? It would be better for both Judge and the rest of us.

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5 Responses to “Judge vs. the Babe”

  1. Sean Thornton Says:

    I’ve been a little annoyed with the narrative being pushed by some about Judge. I want to wait and see how the league adjusts to him and see if he adjusts accordingly. Like you said, the comparisons are pretty unfair.

  2. keithosaunders Says:

    He’s currently slumping which have the NY papers calling for his head!

  3. Gary Trujillo Says:

    Sports is all about hype these days. Just a talking head.

  4. wkkortas Says:

    To be fair, Judge does much better in the Shane Spencer comparisons.

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