What to do, What to do?

Vizquel doing what came naturally (photo by Chuck Crow)

Ever have one of those problems where you just don’t know what to do with it? You worry about it, you examine all the possibilities, and you still don’t know what to do with it? Ever have one of those? I do. What to do with Omar Vizquel.

“Wait a minute,” you say. “I thought you were worried about global warming or inflation or ISIS, or the state of American politics or something. Omar Vizquel?”

Yep. You see he’s coming up on the Hall of Fame ballot, and as one of those deserving people who should have, but don’t have, a vote I need to weigh in. Every year when the Hall ballot comes out I put in my 2 cents worth (and some people think I should give a refund) on who I’d vote for. And there stands Omar Vizquel (which isn’t quite the same as the old song “There stands the Glass”) and I don’t know what to do.

On one hand I see him as a Hall of Fame player and on the other I don’t. As a fine fielding shortstop he was wonderful, as a hitter, well, not so much. It wasn’t that he was a bad hitter (there are probably worse in the Hall now), it’s just that I look for better in a sure-fire, honest to God, dyed in the wool (Anybody know any more good clichés to stick in here?) Hall of Fame member. His fielding was fine, but the state of defensive statistics makes it hard to determine just how good he was overall. And to be blunt about it, I don’t want someone who doesn’t deserve election cluttering up the bottom of the Hall of Fame (there’s enough dross there already).

So when the big day comes and I unveil my latest “List of  Ten” (you should probably hum some very martial music when reading “List of Ten”) I have no idea whether he’ll be there or not. Fortunately I have time to figure it out. I promise not to do it publically here (or “in front of God and everybody” as we like to say around my part of the world).


3 Responses to “What to do, What to do?”

  1. Miller Says:

    I think that the Rfield number at BBREF greatly over-inflates Vizquel’s defensive prowess. And even if that’s what we look at, he’s only 18th best ever. So if you can buy BBREF’s number and Vizquel’s offense is as good as his defense, there’s a good reason to give him a vote.

    However, his offense isn’t as good as his defense. In fact, it’s historically bad. Only twelve shortstops in history have hurt their teams more at the plate than Vizquel did. He was that bad.

    If you want to vote for an elite defender on this year’s ballot, take Andruw Jones. Heck, take Scott Rolen. They were both more valuable defensively than Vizquel, and they were miles and miles ahead at the plate.

  2. Gary Trujillo Says:

    I don’t worry about the HOF anymore. They put some juicers in and leave others out. Bud Selig gets in fer chrissake!!! The whole thing has turned into a fiasco of epic proportions.

  3. wkkortas Says:

    Vizquel is a hard call–he’s either the rich man’s Rabbit Maranville or the poor man’s Luis Aparicio. As a “small Hall” kind of guy, I’d be inclined to leave him out, but you can build a decent argument for him.

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