Win Some, Win Some


One of Yogi Berra’s MVP Trophies

With the announcement of the MVP Awards last evening, the major awards season for MLB came to a close. In earlier posts I indicated who I thought would win the Manager of the Year, Rookie of the Year, Cy Young, and MVP Awards for both leagues. Now a couple of thoughts.

For the first time ever, I think, I got them all correct. I just went eight for eight which is absolutely astounding for me. I generally get about two out of three right. I’d like to pat myself on the back, but I do have short arms.

To be clear the picks I made (and did I tell you all my picks were right?) were the picks I thought would win, not necessarily the picks I thought ought to win. I would have voted for seven of the eight.

The one I wouldn’t have voted for? Stanton. I would have cast my vote for Joey Votto, who I thought had just an astoundingly good season. Without him, Cincinnati would have finished last (OOPS!!). OK, they would have lost 120 games. I’ve always liked Votto and will be interested to see his final statistics when he hangs up his uniform for the last time. It will also be interesting to see how a first baseman with limited power does in Hall of Fame voting.

Anyway, congratulations to the 2017 postseason award winners. Now on to the controversies about to erupt over the Hall of Fame voting (both vets and regular picks).

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5 Responses to “Win Some, Win Some”

  1. Precious Sanders Says:

    Congratulations on batting 1.000!

  2. Sean Thornton Says:

    Votto was my pick…an absolutely amazing season that really drove home just how good of a hitter he truly is, if anyone had any doubts.

  3. glen715 Says:

    But, alas! No Votto for Joey!

  4. wkkortas Says:

    I agree with you on Votto–as Branch Rickey told Ralph Kiner, “We could have finished eighth without you.”

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